My Learning Log

The Learning Log was developed at Advanced Learning Academy as a way for learners, parents and teachers to track learning goals.


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Product Description

My Learning Log is a great way to have students set and reflect on progress toward their goals.  Following research from John Hattie on goals and meaningful feedback, this product guides students toward three research-based questions:

  • Where am I going?
  • How am I going?
  • Where to next?

The contents of the product include a Canvas module that provides the learner with a special link to make a unique copy of their learning log for their own use and for sharing with their instructor, a customizable  assignment where the learning log will given a due date and assigned, instructions on how to write goals and reflections, and tutorials on how to move the learning log to a shared folder and how to turn the learning log in.

Key benefits include:

  • the use of the Canvas Speedgrader app for quick feedback
  • customizable Google Slides templates to make the learning log fit any learning situation
  • parent involvement via the learner-parent video reflection